The All-in-One Lead System for Movers

Realtor Engagements. Homeowner Targeting. Property Listings. Sales CRM.

Four off-the-shelf solutions built for movers

Brand Builder

Managed Direct Mail Campaigns
$ 58 Monthly
  • Mailings to Daily MLS Home Listings
  • 3 Market Segments
  • Owner-Occupied Filters
  • Owners Name (+$0.35)
  • Custom Designed, First Class Mail

Professional Mover

Your Turn-Key Lead Engagement Software
$ 350 Monthly
  • 3K Real-Time MLS Listings
  • 2 Software Seats
  • Unlimited Market Segments
  • Home Owner Name
  • Listing Realtors + Contact
  • Realtor Market Ranks
Most Used

Agency / Enterprise

Custom Franchises and Van Lines
Custom Contract
  • Franchise-Wide Dashboard
  • Franchisee Accounts
  • Moovsoon Managed Marketing (optional)
  • Enterprise Discount Pricing
  • Omin-Channel Outbound Efforts

Services - Frequently Asked Questions

The Professional Mover Platform is our webapp (online software) that allows movers to control their entire outbound marketing process. On the platform, users can add their sales team, assign accounts and territories, create their own campaigns, directly text/email/mail Realtors, track all communications with homeowners and Realtors, automate all outbound marketing with “smart triggers”, and so on. In short, it’s an entire system that simplifies and runs your moving lead outreach.

The Brand package is a subscription in which Moovsoon will run your direct mail (brand) or Realtor email/sms (referral) campaigns. We will create the marketing and use our data and channels to engage homeowners or Realtors, and send your team weekly reporting. However, your team will not have access to the platform and Moovsoon conducts all marketing efforts.

Our account team will spend 30-60mins after you have signed up to onboard your team to the platform. Our team will upload all mailer templates and add all user accounts before the onboard. Although Moovsoon is very easy to use, we’ll share our resource page after the onboard so your moving company always has a guide for navigating their leads, campaigns and data.

Of course! We call this the agency model and you’ll have access to our marketing, data and account team. We’ll set up your outbound campaigns with best practices and have our team monitor and manage your outbound marketing program. If you’re interested in our agency model, please reach out to

Most movers don’t have marketing collateral they can use for campaigns. No worries! Moovsoon’s professional designers have created best-in-class mailers, emails and text message templates for our clients. We’ll repurpose these templates for your company’s market and brand. Outbound marketing is effective, but having professional messaging and design makes it a revenue channel for a mover. 

The Brand Builder includes per-mailer costs. Depending if you send postcards, handwritten notes, or letters, we’ll charge based on the mailer size and per send. 

For the Professional Mover Platform, we pass our direct mail deep discount directly to you for each piece of marketing you send. Users of this plan have very low direct mail costs, which allows them to build brand awareness with multiple touches to homeowners and Realtors in a cost-effective way.

For direct mail, Moovsoon offers postcards (4×6 in, 6×9 in, 6×11 in), handwritten and sealed notes, and letters in envelopes. The pricing varies per piece, but we offer some of the most competitive rates and all mail is first class. 

On the Realtor side, we have email and SMS channels that allow you to reach your market’s top Realtors automatically and at the right times. We track these touches inside of our system for your team to use as a Realtor CRM.

Need more?

Contact sales if you need more clarity on the moving leads / data we provide or if you’re interested in custom solutions.

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